If you’ve been eyeballing the 776 horsepower Chevrolet Performance LSX454R for your project vehicle, now’s your time to buy. Ed Rinke Performance Parts is proud to offer Chevrolet Performance’s most powerful engine ever, the LSX454R, with a $1000 mail-in rebate.

Chevrolet Performance engineers designed the LSX454R for the unique, high-rpm demands of drag racing. It is a high-compression, solid-roller combination that uses the LSX DR cylinder heads. These 11-degree, six-bolt aluminum heads feature raised ports that provide tremendous airflow. Chevrolet Performance complements them with an exclusive, high-rise open-plenum intake manifold and a Dominator-type carburetor to complete the assembly.

For all of the need-to-know information about the engine, check out the video below and be sure to take advantage of this awesome opportunity for a $1,000 mail-in rebate (debit card) on the LSX454R. For the mail-in rebate form, click HERE.