With the summer weather here, the boys over at Chevrolet Performance decided to take the LS3-powered ’56 Bel Air, nicknamed Bela, out for a drive to celebrate the good weather.

This wasn’t the first time that Bela has been out this year; she did cruise around the city during the mild winter days. But this cruise was a little different in that it signified the start of summer and the start of cruising season.

As you know, Bela is powered by the very same Chevrolet Performance LS3 Connect & Cruise that Ed Rinke Performance is proud to offer. The car performed with ease and, as the boys pressed the throttle, they felt the LS3 pull the Bel Air with minimal effort as they glided through the beautiful, warm air.

You’ll see Bela at many prominent shows in ’17, but enjoy these photos of her cruise before you get a chance to catch up with her in person.

You can check out the LS3 that powers Bela at http://edrinkeperformance.com/connect-cruise-ls3-6-2l-430hp-automatic-2wd/cpsls34l65e