Entering its third year, the annual Danchuk Tri-Five Nationals has blown every expectation out of the water. With attendance rising every year, the event displays perfectly the automotive community’s love for the iconic Tri-Five Chevrolet.

This year is officially 60 years after the ‘57 Chevy was introduced. With features such as the large tailfin on the rear quarter panel, the car is beloved by a lot of Chevy fans, and non-Chevy fans. In fact, if you had car posters on your wall as a kid, chances are a ‘57 Chevy was one of them. This year, the Tri-Five Nationals will celebrate the ‘57 with a car show, races and even a ‘57 Chevrolet giveaway car.

Ed Rinke Performance is proud to be the official parts supplier of the 2017 Tri-Five Nationals and the 2017 giveaway gasser. We stepped in to provide the Chevrolet Performance 502HO/450 Big Block for the gasser, which is now fitted with ITBs and an orange painted block for some old school flavor. This engine produces 461 horsepower and 558 lb.-ft. of torque straight out of the crate. With that sort of power, passes down the drag strip are sure to be a blast. Check out some photos at the bottom of this story for the car; it truly is one-of-a-kind.

Tri-Five Nationals just released the video below that previews the show, which at this point, is less than a week away.


In addition to the plethora of period-correct cars and hot rods we expect to see, there will also be drag racing all day and special exhibition racing with old school and period-correct gassers making passes down the now legendary Beech Bend Raceway dragstrip. Not to mention, there will be a special trophy ceremony where show attendees will be hand-picked as winners for the prestigious “Lokar Top 25” award.

We’ll be out here all weekend, so be sure to stop by and say hello. We can’t wait to see you.